Sunday, 27 May 2012

Great Dinner Recipes welcomes you!


Welcome to my blog Great Dinner Recipes!

I love food, ingredients and most of all to cook! I cook every day and I try to make something extremely tasty every time I do. My foodie mantra is this, 'if your going to eat three times a day (minimum ;-) you might ands well eat well!!' Unlike those poor souls that see food as fuel, I see food and cooking as an opportunity to prepare something tasty, sit down and be selfish for a while.

I work a long day, but always find the time to cook an evening meal. The main reason is that after a long day slogging over a hot PC there is nothing better than spoiling yourself with something wonderful, that wonderful thing being dinner!! Lunch and breakfast can be great, but the special meal for me is dinner! Dinner allows you to really turn on the style and get those flavours and ingredients working!

Dinner can be comforting in winter, rejuvenating in Spring, spectacular in summer and just down right tasty in Autumn! I love to follow the seasons and eat what is good at the time. By eating what is in season you ensure that the food you are eating is packed with flavour and at its best!

I buy British, I try to buy local, sometimes swaying toward the Organic. Food miles aside, local or British means higher standards of welfare for animals and usually a higher standard of food - British Pork is the best in the world. When I use items such as Eggs I must insist on Free Range, Organic when you can find them. Items such as Asparagus or Peas must be from as local as possible.

I have a small garden so I am able to grow my own herbs, but anyone can as long as they have a windowsill and a little patience, fresh herbs are the cornerstone of cooking in my kitchen as they impart such wonderful flavours to food, try to buy and grow your own! (Buy Herb kits here).

This blog is about that favourite meal, Dinner! I am trying to keep a track of some of the great recipes that I make, because otherwise - like everyone I am sure - I will forget them.

So here it is my new blog - Great Dinner Recipes - I hope you enjoy it, please follow along as I share my dinner recipes.

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Thanks, Paul.